“The biggest favor we can do for young people before they graduate from college, is to help them understand the overlap between what they’re passionate about, what they’re good at doing, and what pay scale they should expect,” says Peter Russo, President of Blackburn Energy.

Tradition demands that passing out of a school must, in an ideal scenario, find you right in the midst of striving to graduate from a decent college, and with grades that eventually gather dust in the storeroom while you sweat buckets at a job that you most probably dislike, but have to invest energy into anyway (hint: survivalist economy)
Though a degree is advantageous to a certain extent, the ritual of using it to corroborate true capability is fast fading.
With waves of change washing over educational structures and norms at a global level, a significant trend that has been building over the last few years seems to culminate into the question – ‘How important is a college degree?’
To the many questions being raised on why a good percentage of Gen-Z has chosen to sidestep traditional education and go for alternative learning methods, here are a few reasons that support their decision –

Alternative learning #1: Student Loans That Take Years To Pay Off

College education has become expensive, and students are refusing to fall into the exhausting cycle of taking heavy loans and spending years to pay them off. A large part of the income they receive from their freshly entered jobs goes into fulfilling loan instalments. In India, the situation is far more difficult with the employability rate in a constant waver.

Alternative learning #2: Apprenticeships Boost Employability

For Gen-Z, what goes on within the walls of their classrooms must be relevant to their future plans and most importantly, be something they can connect with. Hence, the rising number of internships and apprenticeships, which in turn benefit both students as well as organisations.

Alternative learning #3: College Is Not A Fit For All

While dropping out is not something that needs to be encouraged to become a ‘trend’, it’s safe to say that sitting through 3 or more years of college is not for everyone. If an individual has conviction in their ideas, and is willing to expend effort to achieve their goals, a social tradition shouldn’t get in the way, don’t you think?

Gen-Z Disruptors–Apps For Everything

It’s the digital age, and literally everything is on the internet today.
YouTube tutorials are available, and online courses are much cheaper. Hassle-free, flexible methods of obtaining certificates in areas they actually find interesting, or struggling to finish an expensive course that they have no interest in whatsoever – the choice is clear.

“So often when a new generation shoes up, people go right to the place of deciding which generation is right, who is wrong, who is better, and who is worse. Instead, I encourage people to understand that we are all just different and that’s not a bad thing.”

Reference: https://gritdaily.com/gen-z-ditching-traditional-education-for-alternative-learning/

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