We have always been asked to dream big. To ‘Imagine’ what we want, and to work towards achieving it. At times it makes me wonder, Is it a privilege? What about the ones in survival mode? Can they afford to dream?

But history has repeatedly proven that dreaming helps in transcending the present reality to perceived reality.

I was listening to a podcast interview with Gary Keller and it changed my perspective on dreams. In the podcast, he spoke about how he dreamed of living for  100 years and how he focuses on building habits or rituals on a day-to-day basis (like exercise, reading, or spending time with the people he cares about) that will make him achieve this dream. This made me realize that all dreams need not be external. They can be internal also, and one can have many dreams.

A second question that arises is – do we need to dream all by ourselves? What if we can share someone’s dream? Gandhi, Ambedkar, and Kalam dreamt of a nation. Some shared this dream and worked towards it. Founders of various institutions dreamt and people working in the institution work towards it even in their absence, even after they were only a memory.

So, as an educator or facilitator, what could be your dream? Can we be united dreamers? Can we share the dreams of a child? One may want to play for an international cricket team someday, some kid may want to win the Nobel prize and another may want to land on Mars. Can we believe in these dreams? Can we share their dreams, and work towards building habits or rituals that will help them achieve their dream?

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