Kids spend most of the time watching cartoons, playing games and using mobile phones. What if they learn how to BUILD them? Our KiloBite (KB) program, was designed to give a first-hand experience of computer coding to kids. With intuitive tools like Snap! (Designed by Berkeley University) and Dash & Dot, kids explored the fun part of computer coding.


As part of the programme, we had taken the kids to Real Works Studio which focuses on 3d visualization and animation. There, the founder of the studio, Mr. Sivaprasad Velayudan, gave the children a run through of what happens in the studio. On the last day of the program, we had a Demo day where kids showcased their work to friends and family. The Demo day also featured a talk by Nitesh Kumar Bucha, Chief Executive, Suraj Technologies, a company that focuses on Android and IOS mobile application development.

Saathvik, a participant of the Kilobite program, shares his experience of the course.

My experience on the Kilobite program

I knew Aru sir from attending other science programs with Mango Education @ Orange Sprout. So since the time Aru sir announced about an App development program, I was obviously interested. The first day was an introductory session where we played a game to know each other, starting with our hobbies. The second day we learnt how to use Snap. It is an App to create Apps or a video or a game. It was really interesting to create something from scratch.

The next day we played another game. There were 40 cups upside down and inside the each cup there was a chit of paper with a number written on it. It was fun to see who takes less time to pick a given number. We saw each of us naturally tried different techniques, some randomly, some with some strategy in mind. We discussed each approach. Only later did I realize that Aru sir was actually letting us know how to โ€œsearchโ€ a number from an ordered list of numbers in different possible ways โ€“ as the computer does.

The next day I started my project. My project was based on a football game using Snap. I made a simple game of random kicks coming to the goal post and the game is about blocking the goal. I created controls for choosing the direction of moving the goal keeper who blocks the ball. My friends had their own projects too. The next day was our special day. As this day was our project showcase day. First, I started with my name and then explained how the game is played. I also explained about the blocks I used i.e., how I created it. I closed my presentation to a thunderous applause.This program has helped to explore on my own new software tools like Snap. I am also thinking of my next game idea to create.


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