Funny fishes with fine fins frolicking in the frothy freshwaters.

Did you enjoy that tongue twister? Well, how about a live experience of watching fishes frolicking? We can’t guarantee they’ll be funny, but we sure know that the experience itself is nothing less than absolute FUN!

Aquatic Adventures is one of our liveliest expeditions that offers wide exposure to fishes and fisheries, and the people involved in pisciculture and ichthyology. The 2019 edition was quite a hit as kids and parents from Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Theni became part of the trip.


When asked about her experience, coordinator Kavya Devaraj had a bunch of exciting things to share. The part she enjoyed the most was watching hermit crabs shift shells and learning about the different types of fish that thrive in freshwater and saltwater. The complete process of how fishes breathe and why this differentiation in water is important was taught, and they got to watch fishermen at work.

Kids received exposure to crabs both tiny and big, various species of fishes (the pufferfish being a common favourite), and sea fans. The team also tried their hand at angling and learned to make fishing rods.


One of the most enthusiastic and empathetic travellers in the team was 12-year-old Vamsi from Bangalore. He was especially concerned about making sure that the fishes don’t get hurt while angling and even asked if there was a technique where the hook doesn’t have to go through the fish.

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The trip also comprised an aquarium visit where the team got the chance to see huge lobsters and fishes.

Wandering the mangroves meant being treated to the splendid lakes, birds, and fishes in the area and learning about breathing roots during the boat ride. Having Educator Priyanka along made it a knowledgeable experience as they even got to learn the names of the various birds that were seen flying about.

Sanjana, a young nature lover from Coimbatore, said that her inspiration from and interest in animals had encouraged her to explore more in the area, and became the reason for her to take part in the Aquatic Adventures Expedition. It was delightful to know during an exchange with her that the expedition has not only sustained her interest but also deepened her love for nature.

“I wish we had gotten to fish for longer. It was so much fun!”

Some of her memorable moments were spent in helping clean the beach with other volunteers, boating in the mangroves, making fishing rods, and a glimpse of dolphin fins which some of them were lucky to spot!


The stop at KUFOS was one of the highlights of the expedition. Though it wasn’t breeding season, the team at KUFOS shared the nuances of the breeding process with the kids. They studied specimens of blue planktons taken from the lake under the microscope and also saw preserved fishes and eels.

The admiration and intrigue kindled by this aquatic adventures expedition have inspired our kids to delve further into aquatic life and opened up a fresh space of study during their growing years. It goes to show the importance of hands-on experience and field visits in building knowledge and sparking curiosity in diverse areas while exposing young minds to learning that goes beyond classrooms.

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