About Mango Education

We are an education startup from Coimbatore and are as passionate about science and technology as we are about education. We wish to build an ecosystem that promotes and encourages a generation of Researchers and Innovators from Coimbatore. Currently, we do science and technology programs in the after school hours for kids between the age 7 and 15 years, where our programs are crafted based on kids’ interest and with experts or industry professionals as educators.

What we do?

We do science and technology-based foundational programs for kids between the age of 7 and 15 years.  Some of our after-school programs are in astronomy, architecture, nature and wildlife, computer game development, through which kids get to learn science, math and technology.

Why we do what we do?

Like every other engineer, we figured out what we have to do in life after finishing engineering. We believe “figuring out” phase should be when we were between 10 and 15 years. We strongly believe that experience and exposure is as important as academic excellence.

This makes us believe that more you explore when you are young, you figure out ‘what not to do’ than ‘what to do’.



Education background

  • Bachelors or Masters in engineering specialising in computer science/mechanical/electrical/electronics/automobile.
  • Bachelors or Masters or doctorate (pursuing) in any of the fundamental sciences.


  • Take classes during the after-school hours for about 2 to 6 hours a week. Varies based on the course/workshop they are handling.
  • Work closely with the curriculum designer and evolve the lesson plan as and when required.
  • Be available on phone/Telegram/and other IMs, whenever kids have clarifications.

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone who truly loves children and empathetic towards them.
  • Passionate about transforming the education system for good.
  • Has a scientific temper.
  • Has a background in science/engineering/design.

Job perks

  • Immense learning opportunity, as we are a small team of 8 employees.
  • Multidisciplinary learning.
  • Opportunity to meet and interact with experts from across the globe.
  • The satisfaction of imparting knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation.

Job time

  • Part-time. Weekday evenings and/or weekends.

Character map

  • Loves to work with kids.
  • Should be up-to-date in their core interest areas.
  • Give utmost priority to kids’ learning over everything else.
  • Passionate about education and willingness to be a part of the education revolution.
  • Take up ownership rather than just the responsibility and values time and commitment.

Are you the one who plays street cricket with kids or like to play Peek-a-boo with random kids? You may like spending time with us.

Who can apply

  • Freelance programmers.
  • Mothers who have worked before marriage and currently looking for part-time opportunities.
  • Startup tech companies.
  • Freelance educators.
  • Engineers who have a passion for teaching.
  • Freelance trainers.
  • Aspiring educators.

Place of work

Mango Education, No. 418/1, 1st Floor, Above Shiksha Junior Preschool, G.V Residency, Upplipalyam, Coimbatore – 641028.


We work on a revenue-sharing basis with the educators. The salary will vary based on the area of expertise, the course you are handling and the number of students participating in that particular workshop/course. We can discuss in detail during the interview.

What next?

In case you are keen to work with us, fill up this form.

Contact details

Aasif Iqbal J
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +91- 73977 86541