Curriculum Designer (Full time)
As a curriculum designer, you will play a crucial role in improving our programs qualitatively. The responsibilities include:
  1. Collaborate with Educators and build curriculum for contextual learning.
  2. We strongly believe in activity based learning. You will be working with the educators and design activities in that particular domain that will facilitate easy understanding of the concepts.
  3. Ideate different teaching aids.
  4. Each child is unique. At Mango Education, we want to ensure that there is true personalized learning. As a part of this goal, you will be helping us in profiling kids.
  5. Apart from the above, you will be supporting as a teaching assistant in our programs and help in the coordination process like working with the program manager, keeping an eye on the kids’ safety needs, getting the workshop materials ready etc.
  6. Have constant interaction with team members, take feedback and work towards improvement.
Research based learning opportunity
  1. Research on learning styles in STEAM education.
  2. Based on the research work, you will be categorizing each kid based on learning styles.
  3. Build an alternative system to marks and certificate based evaluation.
Who are we looking for?
– Someone who truly loves children and empathetic towards them.
– Passionate about transforming the education system for good.
– Has a scientific temper.
– Has a background in science/engineering/design or generally curious and interested in these subjects.
Job perks
  1. Immense learning opportunity, as we are a small team of 6 employees.
  2. Multi Disciplinary Learning.
  3. Opportunity to meet and interact with experts from across the globe.
Job time
  1. We enjoy working with kids, so it’s 6 days a week. However we understand that there is another world called family. So flexible working time can we discussed.
Character map
  1. Highly committed and self-driven.
  2. Honest and values integrity.
  3. Good communication skills. We are not expecting shakespearean vocabulary. The candidate should be able to exchange information clearly and precisely.
  4. Takes accountability for what they do.
  5. Take up ownership rather than just the responsibility.
Are you the one who plays street cricket with kids or like to play Peek-a-boo with random kids? You may like spending time with us.
Competitive salary in line with education start ups.
Place of work
Mango Education, No. 418/1, 1st Floor, G.V Residency, Upplipalyam, Coimbatore – 641028.
What next?
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Contact details
Aasif Iqbal J
Phone number: +91- 73977 86541