Mango Astronomy Calendar 2023

Product Description

Dr. Carl Sagan once said ‘Astronomy is a humbling and character building experience’. As we drift along in a fast paced world, it is time that we remember to look up, wonder at and learn about the stars and everything else the sky has to offer. And what more would be a perfect way than to use a calendar to remember to look up.
Mango Calendar 2023 is astronomy themed with dates highlighting important celestial events like eclipses, planetary conjunctions, meteor showers and more, in the year 2023, along with their descriptions. The calendar also features a collection of 12 astro images which include deep sky objects, star clusters, nebulae, eclipses and more, photographed by astrophotographer Obuli Chandran along with the exciting information of those images.
If you are a parent looking for a gift to your child or a person who is just curious about the skies, or even a person who is new to the skies, this calendar is just for you.

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The price of the calendar is 599 INR

Shipping Information

Upon order confirmation, the calendar will be shipped within a week. Please note the delivery is free only within India. 

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