A summary of the program.

Learn science through the much-loved game of Cricket!

Do you love sports? From boisterous gully cricket to an overwhelming field experience, the sport has found a place in the hearts of millions of kids. Passion for cricket is definitely important whether it is to analyse the game or play it. But equally important is to have the knowledge of the science behind the sport.

You have the passion, we have the science!

Actively experiment and learn the fundamentals of science rooted in the game of cricket. What's more, you can even extend this knowledge to other sports to begin appreciating your favourite game better.

Mango Education offers kids an exciting opportunity to discuss with a science and cricket enthusiast and learn and discover the dynamics of science through cricket.


A summary of the program.


Children will

  • Perform simple experiments and make observations about the game of cricket
  • Learn fundamental concepts (force, momentum, angle, materials) of science from the game and through experiments
  • Participate in a webinar and a Q&A session with a science expert and cricket enthusiast

Day 1 and Day 2

  • Inauguration
    The educator interacts with the children to give them an overview of the course and what they can look forward to.
  • Guided experiments and theory behind science in cricket
    Children work on experiments posted on the Mango Platform and also learn fundamental scientific concepts related to Cricket. Experts will be available on chat to answer questions for children through these two days
  • Collaboration with other learners
    Children can chat with others live through the learning process and learn from one another

Day 3:

  • Webinar and Q&A with science expert
    The science educator meets children virtually to explain, consolidate and connect the learning children have had on day 1 and 2. Children can clarify any doubt related to the course with the educator directly during the interaction
  • Concluding ceremony with Cricket enthusiast
    Children get to meet a cricket enthusiast and the science educator of the course together during the concluding ceremony and f
    ind out some interesting aspects of the game that we normally fail to observe.

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Obuli Chandran
Science Communicator & Educator
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Guest Speaker

Cricket Enthusiast


Cricketer & Coach
Avinash is a professional cricketer and an NCA accredited Level A coach with extensive athletic experience. He is the co-founder of School Of Cricket Academy, Coimbatore. He aims to increase coaching opportunities, and nurture the talent and participation of all ages in the game of cricket. His expertise is in developing and improving cricketing/fielding performance for both individuals and teams.


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Course commences on October 16th
5:30 pm onwards

It's Free!

"The proper method for inquiring after the properties of things is to deduce them from experiments."

- Isaac Newton

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