Sameran Banerjee is Currently doing his MSc.Int. Physics, III Year at Amrita University. His love for physics caught up with him quite early. He is Passionate in theoretical physics, in areas of Quantum Mechanics and the mathematical foundations of Quantum Field Theory. ย He too believes that teaching is the best way to learn better.

Learning Journey

I find myself fortunate enough to be a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan family, from where I received my school education. It is necessary for an individual to have proper exposure at the right time, specially concerning academic perspective.

Unavoidable: Interest has been the most crucial thought process for my learning journey. The ability to get hooked on to something that is interesting and having the patience and perseverance to swim in the deepness of the interest. Environment is also important for the learning journey. Fortunately when I discovered my area of interest, I was encouraged by the surroundings ( elders, peer group, etc ), hence motivating me to achieve further. Anything by force or against the will has never worked for me and have never seen working.

Education Philosophy

It is essential for learners to develop habits of QUESTIONING. Progress in any field is only possible when the crest of matter is well explored, for which, the initial step is questioning. should never be demoralized for asking questions. I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by my elders who were intensively supportive and guided me through whatever it may be. I always followed the method of โ€œ Self Motivation โ€œ, generally seeking examples from daily life happenings and connecting them with the learning process. Personally, I suggest that Learners should always be allowed to explore the maximum they can by themselves. Force / Compulsion kills Curiosity. If Learners are curious about a particular subject, the only input they would require is Guidance.