Arumugham is an Engineer turned educator. He was a full stack developer in his previous Startup based out of Bangalore. He strongly believes that there is a shift in the technology industry, where computer programming will become as common as English and specialities like Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics will take center stage and it is important for kids to work on these foundational skills rather than just software development.

Arumugham Sankaran
Computer Science Educator, Mango Education

Education Philosophy

  1. There is an inequality in treating people based on age. When kids are treated as fellow Human (or so called adult). Then conversation are not monologue but dialogue and teaching becomes sharing.
  2. It is important to convey the Idea or Model or Framework of any concept, the kids will reason out the rest of it.
  3. Understanding Evolution is important for learning. Starting from Understanding the The History of the Idea, Concept, theory, problem or Model. You know where it started, you will know where it is heading.
  4. Freedom beats fear. 
  5. Make kids fail and do Mistakes. Mistakes are good. Trial & Error gives greater progress and learning than any other approach.
  6. Self Discovery and Self Realization helps kid become Self Learner.