Aasif is a traveller and an adventurer from the Nilgiris. He is also an avid photographer who had been on multiple solo adventures around India, documenting people and landscapes. At Mango Education, he educates kids on photography and the art of bending light to their will.

I think photography is the intersection point of Art, Science, and Technology. It is already redefining the way we communicate. So, you may as well learn to do it better.

His photos are featured in the critically acclaimed book on Indian Landscapes – Indica – A Deep Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent. Aasif's images can also be found in many websites including, World Meteorological OrganizationWorld Research Institute (WRI Brasil)ZoomcarCult of Mac, and The Wire.

Aasif blogs every day in his website - criatvt.com where he writes about the backstory of a photo, the thought process involved and also shares photography tips."