Arumugham S

Arumugham Sankaran
Computer Science Educator
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Aaru is an Engineer turned educator. He was a full stack developer in his previous Startup based out of Bangalore. He strongly believes that there is a shift in the technology industry, where computer programming will become as common as English and specialties like Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics will take center stage and it is important for kids to work on foundational skill rather than just software development.

Aasif Iqbal J

Travel Photographer & Educator
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Aasif is a traveller and an adventurer from the Nilgiris. He is also an avid photographer who had been on multiple solo adventures around India, documenting people and landscapes. At Mango Education, he educates kids on photography and the art of bending light to their will.


Innovator & Researcher
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Balathandapani sir has more than 15 yrs of experience in Research and Development and holds patents. He also loves working with kids and has been teaching for the past 7 years. His passion for innovation and love of building things is evident once you visit his maker Lab in Coimbatore. He is the Director of Aatraal Academy and has been mentoring and supporting Aspiring Entrepreneurs and innovators through Aatrral academy for more than 5 years. We are collaborating with Bala sir to set up an Innovator lab- a makerspace for kids

Nikhila Lakshman

Designer & Educator
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Nikhila Lakshmanan has a Master in furniture design from CEPT University and Bachelor in Architecture from Anna University. She has a deep interest in philosophy. Her understanding on materials, whether it is brass, wood, or aluminium gives her the ability to design to the detail based on the need. She has started-up a venture on Furniture design at Tirupur.

Nitesh Kumar Bucha

Chief Executive at Suraj Technologies
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Nitesh is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He is a PSG tech alumni with experience working in Industry on Mobile development in all platforms. Currently hats multiple roles in Suraj Technologies, the organisation he founded that focuses on mobile development on both platforms, iOS and Android.

Obuli Chandran

Science Communicator & Educator
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Obuli, A PSG Tech Alumni, is a Science Communicator and Educator. He brings out his passion for physics and math in every class, which spreads across the spacetime within the reaches of kids. He has been teaching physics and math to kids across different age groups for past three years and strongly believes that learning is like time, it has to flow, else it ceases to have meaning, for anyone, be it a teacher or a student.

Payal B Molur

Scriptwriter & Researcher
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Payal is a postgraduate from Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication in Pune, India. She worked in the documentary and TV series world for 6 years. Specializing in wildlife and environment based scripts sh worked at Miditech Television on ‘Living on the Edge,’ and Riverbank Studios for 180 episodes on ‘Earth Matters’.


Wildlife Researcher
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Priyanka has always been passionate about wildlife and has worked in different aspects of wildlife conservation including publications, field research, education and policy. She found her true calling at Zoo Outreach Organisation, where she is a researcher working on projects concerning threatened species, freshwater policies, and illegal wildlife trade. She also works on the peer-reviewed, open access Journal of Threatened Taxa as an associate editor.

Sameran Banerjee

Physics Educator
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Sameran Banerjee is currently doing his MSc.Int. Physics, III Year at Amrita University. His love for physics caught up with him quite early. He is passionate in theoretical physics, in areas of Quantum Mechanics and the mathematical foundations of quantum Field Theory.  He too believes that teaching is the best way to learn better.


Educator and Architect
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Samyuktha is an Architect turned Educator. Her love for nature, led her to the discovery of Sustainability. Since then from Architecture to basic livelihood she strives towards it. She has a strong belief in Communities and believes only Community-led approach can lead to change in Education. Other than supporting Mango Education, she is busy constructing her own 'Earth Bag' Home.

Sivaprasad Velayudhan

Animator & Educator
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Siva is a strong promoter and contributor of open source technology and tools. He strongly believes that open source is the way to go about for a country like India. Through Mango Education he wishes to promote open source education and provide affordable quality education for all

Udhay Krishna

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Udhay Krishna is listed as one of the inspirational entrepreneurs from Coimbatore who runs mypromovideos, a product demo video making company for top-rated MNCs. Besides being a Computer science engineer and managing a successful business in his domain, his love for animals from childhood especially cows, made him diversify to work on, a dairy farm in Coimbatore which supplies cow’s milk. He aspires for scaling his to supply quality milk products in its purest form to the customers all over Coimbatore. He rejoices spending time with kids to share his knowledge in the field and inspire them to explore the same.

Vishak Chandrasekaran

Baker & Educator
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Vishak is an avid baker and entrepreneur who runs a cafe called V's Cafe Boulangerie et Patisserie in Coimbatore. He has worked with the leading French hotel brand Accor, for 4 years and is a student of the famous French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu of the London campus.

Vivek Devaraj

System Thinking Educator
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Vivek Devaraj is an open and enthusiastic engineer interested in automotive technologies, product sourcing and development. His goal is to become a holistic product developer integrating technology, user experience and business. Has experience working from Mechanical systems, hardware to software in companies like Renault Nissan, DAF Trucks NV. He loves working with kids and sharing his experience as an Automobile Engineer. Currently he is the founder and CEO - OverSquareAutomotive spreading his experience to aspiring Engineers